The evidence for the main types of treatments for heart conditions has been determined by large scale clinical trials comparing the benefits and risks of one type of treatment to another. Of all the medical specialties cardiology has the greatest research evidence for the treatments it provides, but even then the decsions regarding an indivual patient’s treatment need to be assessed by an expereinced specialist to apply and monitor the best treamtents at the right time.

Treaments the are used may improve symtoms, reduce morbiidty or reduce mortality. Morbilidty refers to the extent of disease or the rate of events such as the need for further operations or number of heart attacks. Mortality reflects the survival rate for a treatment. Whilst improving symptoms is important the main objectives of many treatments for heart conditionsare to reduce the morbidity and mortality, and so to increase survival with improved quality of life.

This section provides a brief outline of the medications and other treatments commonly used to treat patients with heart conditions.